Finding Auto Insurance After An Accident: 1

driving-tipsBy far, car accidents are a great way to ensure that you car insurance premium is going to go up.  Face it though, accidents happen and whether it is a minor or a major accident, your car insurance premium can go up.  However, in the next couple blogs, we are going to talk about exactly how you can find car insurance after you have gotten into an accident.

If you find that your car insurance premiums are just too high because you have gotten into a car accident, you probably want to look around at different car insurance quotes just to make sure that you are getting the very best deal.  This involves some research.

That is what we are going to talk about in the next blog, how you should go about finding your car insurance.

Seeing Through Car Insurance Companies: 2

insurance 2One thing that you absolutely have to do is resist all that hype. Insurance companies are trying to market to you in any way that they can — ignore it. You get tons of messages, via billboards, newspapers, magazine ads, TV commercials, radio spoofs, and the list goes on forever.

Do not be taken in by any of that. Maybe cavemen can do it, but cavemen probably have difficulties comparison shopping and, you know, reasoning for themselves.

Look past all the ads; read the small print; ferret out the details, to find out what company will be best for you.

You need to consider so many other things, like what types of policies and deals a company offers. You get can go a long way by seeing what a particular insurance company rates as well.

Seeing Through Car Insurance Companies: 1

insurance 1There are a ton of car insurance companies out there. A lot of them have been around for years, but it seems like every week, a new company — that may or may not be legit — introduces itself through a commercial, making offers that seem too good to be true. Well, you know what they say: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But how can you tell?

Well, it can be tough. There are over twenty five hundred car insurance companies in the United States alone. And no one company is going to be right for everyone.

You have to do some of the research yourself. You cannot just blindly believe an ad or a commercial, and you have to comparison shop.

Canceling Your Car Insurance: 2

Lakeville-Car-InsuranceAfter you have read your policy completely, there are a few other steps that you will need to follow.  One is contacting your insurance provider.  That way, you can actually talk to them about your policy – they will ask why you are canceling it though, so that is a question that you will want to be prepared for.

You can always tell them that you did find a less expensive policy with another company and see what they say.  Most of the time, they will actually allow you to cancel with no problems, but if they do give you problems, just tell them the truth.

The more honest you are the better.  Your insurance company is nothing to you … you do not really even owe them an explanation, but you do want to be nice to them.

Canceling Your Car Insurance: 1

cancelling-car-insuranceLet’s say that you have your car insurance policy all set and that you have been pretty happy with your car insurance policy – until you find out that you have been overpaying and you are now looking for car insurance that is less expensive.  Well, cancelling your car insurance policy can actually be a tricky topic and one that you might not want to do but you want a better price.

Well, that is what we are going to talk about in the next couple blogs – just how you can cancel your car insurance and what the steps to go about it are.  Firstly, you want to make sure that you know exactly what you policy states and if you did sign a contract.

That way, you can know what you may or may not be getting yourself into or out of.  More in the next blog!

Why Women Drivers Save Money

female 5Men and women are equal, right? Of course they are. This is absolutely true. That does not change simply because there are some men out there who enjoy repeating all those jokes about how women are terrible drivers. It does not change simply because, in spite of those jokes, the majority of women get better deals on car insurance than men either.

Why is that so? Statistics, of course. According to what they see, car insurance companies by and large have reason to believe that women are safer drivers.

We get less tickets. We have less accidents. We generally pass the written and practical portions of our driving tests on the very first try.

We obey traffic laws. We obey the speed limits. We do not even commit as many crimes in cars as our counterparts do.

The result? Some really inexpensive car insurance rates. Ta ta, boys!

How to Find out if You Need Commercial Car Insurance

home based 5Many of you may be wondering what commercial car insurance even is. Well, in general, most drivers will never have to worry about it — unless they have a business based out of their homes.

If you work from home, whether you are a freelancer of some type, a contractor from some type, or anything like that, then a commercial car insurance policy may be the right choice for you.

In general, however, this is only true if you frequently use your own vehicle for your job.

Sometimes, it might make more sense to get a rider policy that will add some business coverage to your current, personal policy.

On the other hand, sometimes commercial car insurance makes more sense. What you need to do is have a talk with an insurance agent to see if you qualify for this type of coverage.

Payment Method For Car Insurance: 2

PaymentOptionNow that we have talked a little bit about the factors that comes into play when you are getting a premium from a car insurance company, let’s talk about the payment plans.  First and foremost, you need to understand that there are several different options available to you in the way of paying for your car insurance premium.

For example, you can pay monthly, yearly, have no down payment or you can pay every six months.  These are all options that are available to you however, you need to make sure to pick the best option not just for your budget but also for your lifestyle.

Monthly is a plan that works for me, but I know that in the long run – I am paying more than if I just paid it all up front.

Payment Method For Car Insurance: 1

payment-cash-copyWhen you are shopping for car insurance, I can honestly say that it is not only a confusing process but there is probably a heck of a lot of questions that you have.  For example, one of the main questions that you might have is the payment plan for your car insurance company.

That is something that is always on my mind whenever I am shopping for new car insurance and I can tell you for sure that your premium will not only depend on the many factors – such as gender, driving record, credit, etc… etc – but it will also depend on your payment plan.

In the next blog, we will talk about exactly what I mean by that and what payment plans might be available to you.

Tips for Safe Driving this Winter: 2

winter 2Keeping up on specific facets of car maintenance will also keep you much safer this winter. It is always vital to make sure that your vehicle is fully equipped for the often harsh conditions of the winter season. Doing so can help you to avoid not only accidents, but costly insurance claims as well.

The level of engine oil needs to be right; top it off if you need to. In fact, you need to check all of the fluids in your car, especially as it pertains to your brake fluids, your radiator, your windshield wiper fluid, and your engine coolants. Your tires need to have good tread and the right amount of pressure. As well, all of your lights need to be in good working order, providing better visibility.

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